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It’s Kaptured Life !

With an observant and sensitive look, KAPT discovered photography in a spontaneous and natural way, as a result of the passion for travelling through the surroundings of life, the sea, the beauty of the nature, the urban living and cultural hot-spots of street art around us.

This is the way KAPT wants to present to the world in the relentless search to capture each life moments inspired by new places, noises, smells and colors in a new perspective.

The photographs transpose the sharing of life when capturing breathtaking instants across a world of parallel contrasts, in a balanced and unique dialogue.

Our mission is to provide an innovative finishing to the photography works with the highest printing process quality, running away from the traditional picture frame.

This spirit is represented in limited editions, with numbered series of art-photos.

In this way you will find exclusive and authentic works, with controlled number of copies which there will be just few people getting an original one.

From Portugal with passion and the aim to spread photography art all over the world!