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Our photographs are produced in a Digigraphie® paper and under Diasec® process.

This technique is worldwide leader in the preservation and conservation of images. 

Diasec® is a worldwide trademark registered in Switzerland and it consists in a face-mounting manufactured process – cut and hand finished - where the photographs are bonded directly and permanently to an acrylic glazing layer - anti-scratch, reflects or glue particles - through a chemical emulsion with an aluminum panel in the back to reinforce rigidity. The printed photograph stays totally joint to the materials, safe from UV lights and the colors provide a wet look, perfectly clear and vivid.


Diasec® proves to be the highest quality photographic product. There are only a few official studios and laboratories making this process all around the world, following specific production requirements in the willing to get full ingredients to obtain this printing quality and the official license.

Printing characteristics // Epson Doubleweight Matte Paper | Pigment ink Epson Ultrachrome K3 | Gluing Diasec® da Labdiasec.

Types of Diasec® // Reflective Diasec® & Anti-Reflective Diasec®

  • Durability

A long-term process, it is licensed under ISO 12040 normative by the Graphic Technology Research Association. The light resistance testing had been performed by the Laboratoire National de Metrologie et d’Essais to Diasec® prints. Diasec® is a museum approved method once the durability of printing ink pigments assures a longevity greater than 100 year.

  • Maintenance Suggestions

Although the surface of the acrylic will not scratch easily, it is recommended to use a soft lint microfiber cloth with water and a drop of dish-washing liquid. Never use solvents, cleaning products, alkaline solutions, or acids.

  • Aesthetic

The final effect is an image with higher definition and contrasts, brilliant colors, and fine detailed texture in the photographic work, giving a whole new dimension and consistent quality.

This way it is assured this is an exclusive and unique masterpiece either to collectors, for home décor, as well as an art piece ready to present in any gallery or museum.

They are ready to place wherever you have imagined! No need any frame once the photographic works are prepared with a structure behind - a wood support - to be hanged floating in the wall, giving almost a pop-up & 3D visual effect.

This is the world most established and quality proven face-mounting process.

  • Digigraphie® Certification

The Digigraphie® printing process is a technique recognized across the world. It is the result of many years research carried out by Epson, reaching the highest technical performance of its printers and Epson UltraChrome pigment inks.

A technical certification of excellence that allows a work of art to be produced in limited editions, numbered, referenced, and signed which you will be proud to have one from KAPT.