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What is KapturedLife and how does your website work?


KapturedLife is a result of the passion for capturing the world around us turned into an online gallery of photographic artworks which are printed in a fine art finishing in high quality and a special support. We want to let you know our artistic work, that is constantly being updated with more and new photos!

In our site the photographs are established in four main categories – Urban, Around the World, Water and Wild Nature. We also have Special Collections with different formats and unique combinations of a selection of photos.  You may imagine our photographs as an art piece in any special place you want to hang and give life. You will be impressed by the colors and 3-D effect of KapturedLife final product.


What is Diasec®?


Diasec® is a worldwide leader technique in the preservation and conservation of images. it consists in a face-mounting manufactured process – cut and hand finished - where the photographs are bonded directly and permanently to an acrylic glazing layer and with an aluminum panel in the back to reinforce rigidity. You can read more in our Diasec® process page.


What is the Digigraphie® certification?


The Digigraphie® printing process is a technique recognized across the world. It is a fine art printing quality that operates with Epson UltraChrome pigment inks, reaching the highest technical performance. This certification of excellence allows a work of art to be produced in limited editions. You can read more in our Diasec® process page.


Why am I buying a museum quality product? Which are the advantages of your product?


Our product is a long-term process, which is licensed and certified by the Laboratoire National de Metrologie et d’Essais to Diasec® prints. Diasec® is a museum approved method once the durability of printing ink pigments assures a longevity greater than 100 year - therefore it proves to be the highest quality photographic product, mainly used in galleries and museum art photographies.

The printed photograph stays totally joint to the materials, safe from UV lights and the colors provide a wet look, perfectly clear and vivid. You can read more in our Diasec® Process page.


Can I order another format?


You may contact us if you need a different format photography. Depending on the chosen one and its characteristics, we will analyze and take care of it to provide you the final desired product.


Do I need a frame?


You will not need a traditional frame once the photographic works are prepared with a structure behind - a wood support - to be hanged floating in the wall.

Even so, you can still put a frame on it later. Its lightweight allows to put it inside  deep frame, which also looks great and emphasizes the 3D effect.


May I choose my series number?


If you have a lucky or any special number tell us!

If it is an available number, it is our pleasure to give you.


How do I make my order?


You may order directly through our website, after selecting the photo from our gallery, choose the size you want and then proceed all the required steps until the order confirmation and its payment.

You also you may contact us through our email or Instagram page, where you will talk directly with us, for ordering and any specific request, and we will help you!


How long it takes to receive my KapturedLife photography?


The printing and mounting process is cut and finished by hand, so it may take 2 to 3 weeks until all steps are finished and sent to you.


How can I pay?


You may pay securely through all our available payment methods. If it is an order made by e-mail, we will provide you all the payment details to help confirming and finish your order.


Where do you ship?


We ship worldwide, but the shipping cost will depend on where to send.

For Portugal and Spain orders, we have free shipping.


How can I contact you?


Be in touch, we will be glad to talk to you! You can contact us through our email or our social networks. We will reply you back and support with all your doubts and wishes.




Thank you!